Classical Ballet.

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Ballet is the core subject and is to be encouraged to develop correct posture, muscle control and the building blocks for all other dance forms.

Body shape is NO barrier to enjoying ballet and children who are not tiny and delicate are often the lightest on their feet.We follow the IDTA and RAD examination syllabuses. The RAD syllabus includes free movement based on Greek and natural movement, also character dance a stylised form of dance taken from famous ballets.

We have been chosen by the RAD to trial their new repertoire syllabus, suitable for age 13 to adults. Based on the music and repertoire from famous ballets.
The IDTA syllabus provide grade classes and the very popular rosette and star awards which children love to receive. The medal tests are good to encourage confidence in solo performance.

For older students, vocational examinations are available for those who show a high level of aptitude for ballet and may wish to take it further.

We offer unset classes for all, these are great fun as they are different every week, and therefore less pressured for students who love their ballet but are not wanting to remember long sequences for examination purpose. Teacher training examinations are available for students wishing to continue a career in dance.

Up to grade 1  Pink dress, Pink ballet skirt, Pink ballet shoes, Pink   xover, ballet socks.
Grade 2 and 3 Mulberry  leotard, Pink ballet tights, Pink ballet shoes, Mulberry  xover.
Grade 4 and 5 Optional change of colour to Teal leotard and Teal xover
Grade 6 and above Black or Burgandy strappy leotard
  Black Character shoes are required from Grade 1 upwards
Students                Own choice of leotard style, ballet tights, split sole ballet shoes.
Younger boy’s White T shirt, black or navy  shorts, black ballet shoes.
Older boy’s Set exam all in one, white socks, white ballet shoes.